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These sophisticated earrings made of high-quality, fine viscose nestles gently to the ear as an exciting and super light statement. The earring can be changed with a single movement: Classical closed, exceptional with an opened magnet or extravagant with another knot.
Each product is delivered in an ecologically produced packaging. Knothingelse pays attention to sustainability.

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7 Days of Knothingelse

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Join 7 Days of Knothingelse

We are currently looking for new participants for our series “7 Days of Knothingelse”. After considering your application, we will send you a piece of jewellery of your choice, which you can then combine as you like and photograph your outfit daily. Use this special opportunity to not only get to know the Knothingelse products individually, but also to be featured on our website as well as social media channels.

Please send an email to

Our motto: “7 outfits, one accessory”

Combine one accessory every day for a week: Whether you’re at the office, have a cosy dinner with your friends or simply take a walk in the parc: Knothingelse matches always.

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